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JSD was born in a cramped, undisclosed underground Brooklyn location by a group of women in the midst of global crisis. Inspired by the celebration of diversity and gender fluidity but unable to take to the streets, a bare bones sewing studio was assembled to create fashion for the fringe.

Positively motivated to design for a world full of revival and excitement, JSD embraces the strength of all Girls, Gays, and Theys by providing unique looks which allow these mavericks to express themselves to the fullest.

With body inclusivity in mind, our products are made to order, provide support just where needed, and are designed to be easy to get in and out of. All of our products are completely customizable and celebrate individuality. 

Feel good in you, because you are just SPLENDID the way you are!


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Question: What was the first festival you attended and what's the story of what/who brought you there? 

In 2014, I had been living in NYC for 4 years and I didn't have very many friends. A guy I met on an online dating site invited me to attend Electric Zoo, he was working security and said he could sneak me into VIP. Alone and never having been to a music festival before I bought a 1 day GA ticket to Electric Zoo and was introduced to my first EDM festival experience. It was there I made new friends who invited me to my first camping festival the following Memorial Day Weekend. The inaugural Mysteryland USA event took place at the original Woodstock grounds in upstate NY in 2015 and the rest is history. 

"The best experiences I've had in life came from saying 'YES!' to things I was scared of” ~Jessica Kenny

Jessica Kenny has over a decade of experience working in corporate fashion as a product developer, sample room manager, and designer. Her true passion was revealed after she began working in the festival industry in 2017, where she was able to align her design experiences in theater and fashion with spatial design for interactive theater installations. Her time spent with this community and attending events inspired her to start JSD and merge her knowledge of exceptional garment construction and design techniques with her love for the theatrical world of music festivals and the eccentric community that attends them.

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