Our Mission

Fashion for the Fringe

JSD is a sucker for the glitz but whole-heartedly strives to make a statement beyond the splendor and flashiness of its fashion. From supporting local artisans to empowering female-owned businesses to showing unwavering inclusivity in LGBTQ communities, these are just some of the pillars that JSD firmly advocates for through wearable art. 

Safeguard Marginalized Communities

As a small female-owned business in the outer borough of New York City, JSD has dedicated an insane amount of time and effort to provide practical, comfortable, and stylish clothing for all human forms regardless of gender or size. 

This is because we believe that ALL - AND WE MEAN ALL - Queens, Kings, and non-binary Royalty deserve to have clothing that shows off their inner spirit, can be relied upon to fit great, and perform in a variety of movement activities. 

This theme of equality sets the foundation for the type of love that JSD recognizes: one that strives to make all human beings feel fabulous in their own skin and to be proud of exactly who they are. 

Zero-Waste Culture: Inspire & Give Back 

As a conscious creative, JSD knows its duty extends beyond making a consumer feel happy for a festival.  When it comes to conducting a small business as a female entrepreneur passionate about ecological sustainability, there are no shortcuts, no cheap thrills, or unethical governance. 

JSD always takes the bigger picture into account and has committed to sustainably designing beautiful festival wear that will remain within a closed-loop, zero-waste fashion system. 

Institutionalized demand resulting in overproduction and overconsumption in the textile industry has created a sickening level of fashion pollution. JSD refuses to conduct its craft within those conditions. 

JSD's founder has taken her sewing skills to the next level to align with textile recycling and drive a zero-waste fashion culture even more forward.  Each JSD fit is crafted with an upcycle and sustainable pattern-making techniques that ensure durability and longevity, keeping more fashion pollution out of landfills, oceans, and our atmosphere. 

As always, JSD is forever grateful to consumers who support small-batch and slow fashion business models. This allows JSD to stay true its commitment and enough time to produce high-quality, ethically-made beautiful festival wear for YOU! 

Represent & Support Creative Communities 

Let’s not forget that JSD was originally inspired to create head-turning festival wear for the FUN! For many, music festivals are sacred celebrations of music, art, and dance. They are magical escapes and promises of serendipitous adventure. They are communities for free self-expression with the assurance of acceptance. 

All JSD clothing is designed with your extracurricular shenanigans in mind. 

Need a catsuit that is easy to get in and out of in a small Porta-John? We've thought of that! 

Want amazing simple designs that you can customize in any of our available prints and sizes?  Check! 

Want your clothing to be versatile, reversible, and able to be styled in multiple ways?  We've got that too!

COMFORT is the name of the game! No shade is being thrown here but we're aware that some festival goers prefer a more athletic feel while raging. Enterrrr JSD!

We offer optional built-in undergarments in most of our styles. All "Bra Top" styles ship automatically with an elastic band at the empire for a moderate level of support and to keep your clothing in place. 

Our goal is to keep your festival wear evocative, comfortable, and practicable - for real and utterly SPLENDID beings.